ASAP at a glance

Are you responsible for communicating something? We can help you. We have tools to put your message into a form your audience will see…and connect with!

Scenario #1: Imagine going to a trade show and having an empty table and just the curtain backdrop. You wouldn’t do this. You might send postcards to clients and prospects ahead of time telling them you’ll be at the show. You’ll email them. You would book appointments. You’d create graphics for your booth to develop their interest and connect them with your product and brand. ASAP can help you with all these elements.

Scenario #2: You wouldn’t introduce a new employee initiative to a meeting with 100 employees in one room and have one small laptop at the front would you? No, you wouldn’t. You’d put signs and banners around the building to build awareness. You’d have graphics in the meeting room. You would make sure the message gets out in several different ways. This is what ASAP helps you do.

Scenario #3: You wouldn’t rely on your sales force to connect with prospects by having them just verbally discuss capabilities would you? No, you wouldn’t. You’d develop collateral materials to support their efforts. You might even provide your sales force an on-line system where they can build personalized materials specific to a prospects needs. This is what ASAP can help you do.

Communication--being understood--is about saying it multiple times in multiple ways. We help firms do this. Whether it’s saving precious budget dollars, getting it done on time or the need for a better result, talk to us, chances are we can help you.