Marketing Production Solutions

This is an eclectic mix of software platforms, data analysis and production capabilities working together so your communication effort is more measurable, more productive or less costly.

Here are a couple illustrations:

Problem: Ordering and managing the distribution of documents. Improving document productivity in areas such Marketing or Human Resources can be a nightmare. Problems can be: 1. You’re ordering more than you need 2. Out of date brand materials are being sent to clients 3. Time-strapped staff is struggling to get materials ready on time.

Solution: Development of portals where documents can be modified and downloaded instantly. This doesn’t apply just to print documents, but for electronic documents too. Sales literature, proposals, compliance documents, human resources forms, operations documents—are all areas where big improvements in productivity can be achieved.

ASAP can help automate and standardize your efforts…think cost reduction, think decentralization, and think control of your brand. The results are dramatic.

Problem: Today marketers are being held accountable more than ever for producing results. Those results are increasingly focused on the acquisition of new customers and the retention of existing ones.

Solution: Cross media--several marketing activities (direct mail, email, social media) working in a coordinated way, yields better campaign results. We have tools to do this. How’d you like to be able to know if your direct mail campaign worked?

Talk to us about our range of capabilities:
• Asset Management System
• On-line stores and portals
• Cross media
• Marketing campaigns

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